The Drawing Room ATL Main Image.png

Sensing a dearth in their industry, designers Seth van den Bergh and Daniel Zimmerman seek to ripple the still surface of the design world, imbuing it with a new composition of movement, interaction and strength.

By founding The Drawing Room ATL, the co-founders aim to open themselves in response to clients in lieu of dictation, preferring both parties meet at the proverbial table to be engaged and offer a rebuttal to the rote method. “We want to give you something different, something your neighbors don’t already have.” says Zimmerman. “We want to create living, active interiors.” continues van den Bergh. “Everything in our projects has been touched. We ask, “Is this special? Why?” We want our work to communicate a quiet suggestion of what should be given attention or thought.”

Their aesthetic is driven by a contemporary perspective, often mingling with authentic European classicism, without sober pretense. A feeling of worldliness permeates their interiors, set off by their strong eye for found objects, often contradicted by the tension of a playful pitch, color, or curve. Zimmerman pauses, reflecting for a moment on the idea of intention. “There is a reason for everything we choose, every piece contributes something different.” The designers make no qualms about their shared fondness for artisans and antiquity - and their antipathy for the manufactured - which results in an expression of eloquent disruption.